Spam Filtering

Block spam and viruses.

Keep your inbox clean and your network safe.


With Quarantine Alerts, Clear Winds iTops Spam Filter now analyzes your email history and will automatically notify you if a message from or to a previous contact is quarantined.


Easy to set up. Instantly effective. iTops Spam Filter is Clear Winds’ email security service that intercepts spam and viruses before they can ever reach your inbox or servers.


iTops Spam Filter Features & Benefits:


  • Real-time protection from today’s IT threats
  • Simple implementation
  • No hardware or software installation
  • Up to 30-day quarantine retention
  • Inbound and outbound email protection
  • User level filter permissions
  • Bulk email quarantine configuration
  • 99-percent effectiveness in blocking spam and viruses
  • Customer care from our US-based team, 24 hours a day, every day