Virtualization has become the ultimate in cost saving technology. Virtualization can reduce energy cost, management time and increase reliability and user uptime.  The return on investment is quick and the additional benefits of virtualization are tremendous. At Clear Winds, we are the virtualization experts.  We can virtualize any technology.  Our team has virtualized servers, desktops, storage, data centers and services. From planning and design to implementation, you can rely on Clear Winds’ consultants to give you sound advice and technical support. By leveraging Clear Winds’ experience and best practices, we can provide you with a fast, efficient, and cost-effective solution.


Servers – Server virtualization reduces the number of physical servers needed in your environment and provides redundancy for your servers.

Storage – Virtualizing storage ensures that the data is always available and can be retrieved quickly even with multiple hardware failures.

Desktops – Centralizing desktops and using terminals reduces hardware failures and cuts down on visits to the user community for troubleshooting.

Data Center – Colocation services for the data center or the disaster recovery site allows for backup power, unlimited bandwidth and management.

Services – Clear Winds’ iTops managed services allows IT staffs to be extremely proactive in the management of their IT environment