The network infrastructure has become the technology that all companies have come to depend.  The network connects a user or computer to its business applications and the Internet.  The network provides companies the ability to store data anywhere, backup its data, access its data and secure the technology environment.


Since most of an employee’s time is now spent online and connected to computer resources to retrieve the data that is needed, an optimal performing network is essential. Clear Winds provides technology solutions assisting organizations in reducing total technology cost, improving return-on-investment and increasing competitiveness in the marketplace.


The network has also provided many other applications that are integrated into the network such as:  telephone systems, virtualization and wireless technologies just to mention a few.  It is critical that the network be setup properly and tuned correctly.


Clear Winds’ Engineers have extensive experience in assessing, designing, building and troubleshooting networks (LANs, WLANs and WANs) to fit a variety of applications and needs.