Cybersecurity Protection Services

Ransomware and Cyber Attacks have risen over 62% this year alone.
Get peace of mind with Clear Winds customizable cybersecurity protection services!

External Assessment

Assessment & Planning

  • External & Internal Cyber Assessments
  • Security Continuity Plan Development
  • Awareness Training

Two professionals working on an Internal Assessment

Proactive Cyber Monitoring

  • SIEM Solution Services
  • Endpoint Detection Response & Antivirus
  • Firewall Monitoring

An IT professional working on a response team - disaster recovery.

24/7 Response Team

  • 24/7 Team on standby
  • Threat Prevention & Testing
  • Access to Forensic Experts

Cloud Backup

  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Unlimited Backup Options
  • System & Data Security

IT Assessment and Planning

External & Internal Assessments provide:

  • A penetration assessment to simulate cyberattack strategies and locate vulnerabilities
  • In-depth Windows assessments to provide vulnerabilities of Windows devices.
  • An understanding of which vulnerabilities can be actively exploited – and which to fix first.
  • CISSP recommendations based on your current vulternabilities and need.

    In a penetration assessment, Clear Winds will imitate what real attackers would do. When they are working from an external network (such as the Internet), this is an external penetration assessment. Penetration assessments give a snapshot of the effectiveness of the client’s security systems and level of cyberthreat preparedness.

Security Continuity Plan Development & Training

The overall purpose in the plan development is to provide a risk analysis of the organization’s continuity and draft a security continuity plan in case of a security breach. We will also provide in-depth training on how to respond to a security breach instance.

Proactive Cybersecurity Monitoring

SIEM Solutions & End Point Detection

Proper security goes beyond desktop virus scanning apps and a firewall as risks now hide where you least suspect them. Our SIEM Service Solutions & End Point Detection software provides the added layer of security that gives you peace of mind.

Proactive Monitoring

Clear Winds proactively scans networks against known and unknown vulnerabilities to provide a holistic picture of your security posture. Our security certified staff will provide reporting and make recommendations to correct any issues discovered or possible changes to protect the IT environment. With their extensive knowledge, their recommendations will help with your security stance.

24/7 IT Response Team

Our 24/7 Response Team includes:

In the event that you do have a ransomware attack, Clear Winds 24/7 incident response team will be immediately available to begin securing your environment and eliminating the breach. Our forensics experts will identify the source of the attack and layout the recovery process.

You may consider subscribing to our fast action cyberattack response team list to ensure your labor service rate and be escalated to the top of our priority list ahead of time as well.

Cloud Backup

Our Cloud Backup Solutions includes:

Backups are critical in the instance of a security breach. In the case that you are compromised, Clear Winds cloud backup solutions can protect your organization’s critical data. We offer unlimited off-site backup storage options with cost varying depending upon the amount of data to be backed up. Our backup solutions may be tailored to meet your organizations specific needs! In providing a backup proposal, we will take the following steps:
  • Provide a CISSP review of your existing backup solution.
  • Make recommendations based on your current environment and need.
  • Provide a tailored backup solution proposal to ensure your data will be secured and available when you need it most
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Our Process

Meet & Assess

We want to meet with you to understand your needs, pain points or any projects you are considering.

Design Your Solution

Based on your situation and needs, our expert engineers will provide a tailored solution to help you achieve your goals.

Implement Your Solution

Our team of engineers will work with you through the completion of your project to ensure you are fully satisfied with your results.

Partner & Support

We’re committed to your success and want to be your IT partner for any future needs. Our support staff is available to you even after your project is completed.

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