Enterprise IT Services

Your enterprise infrastructure and data center are at the core of your business. Our expertise in data center infrastructure and architectures allows us to transform your data center into one of the most flexible and responsive elements of your business.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Keeping your IT systems continually available is critical for your customers, constituents, employees, patients or stakeholders. Our tier 3 data center securely hosts your files, simplifies backup and archiving, accelerates disaster recovery and significantly minimizes downtime. Our advanced cloud technologies ensure you have access to your systems. Clear Winds’ iTops® Enterprise Backup services perform an initial full backup of a customer’s device(s) and then perform ever-incremental backups on files that have changed since the previous day.


Virtualizing your data center on-premise or in the cloud eliminates costly inflexible systems while enabling you to achieve greater performance, agility, lower costs and improved data protection. Our expert engineers can design, plan and implement any virtualization project or virtualize any equipment needed to help save time and money. We help you create long-term roadmaps for data center virtualization and private cloud initiatives such as server and desktop virtualization, enterprise storage, and server and storage consolidation. By leveraging Clear Winds’ experience and best practices in Enterprise IT Services, we can provide you with a fast, efficient, and cost-effective solution. We virtualize servers, desktops, storage, data centers and more throughout the nation.

When to Virtualization

  • Servers – Server virtualization reduces the number of physical servers needed in your environment and provides redundancy for your servers.
  • Storage – Virtualizing storage ensures that the data is always available and can be retrieved quickly even with multiple hardware failures.
  • Desktops – Centralizing desktops and using smart terminals reduces hardware failures and cuts down on visits to the user community for troubleshooting and patching.
  • Data Center – Colocation services for the data center or the disaster recovery site allows for backup power, unlimited bandwidth and management.
  • Services – Clear Winds’ iTops managed services allows IT staffs to be extremely proactive in the management of their IT environment.

Microsoft Operating Systems and Applications

The need for email, data and applications are critically important to your business. Our engineers are fully certified to ensure that your Microsoft environment and applications are secure, up to date and working properly.

Server and Storage

Our goal is to ensure your environment operates at its highest and most productive level. Our engineers assess, design and implement server and storage solutions that are scalable and meet the needs of today while preparing you for future success. Our solutions reduce costs and downtown, increase reliability and operating speed, and improve database and file retrieval.


Clear Winds Enterprise IT Services have provided the database community with in-depth expertise, experience, exceptional teamwork, and our own database optimization tools. Each database engineer has at least 15 years of experience with databases. We excel at situation assessment, solution planning, efficient and precise implementation, and the transfer of expertise to your in-house personnel.

Our client list is a testament to our consistent delivery of results-driven, cost-effective, high-satisfaction database services. Our experience takes us into several other database technologies as well. From designing and architecting new database systems, to tuning Oracle and SQL, to seamlessly maintaining large production systems, we work alongside our clients to provide reliable, scalable, high-performing database systems.