Professional IT Services

We provide the reliable and affordable IT solutions that eliminate headaches and position your environment for success. Our expertise spans every area of technology! If you're experiencing IT issues or have an upcoming project, then we're the IT partner for you. Tell us about the projects you're considering or get a free proposal today!

Structured Cabling

Clear Winds’ cabling technicians are BICSI-certified and trained to deliver the highest quality and professionalism in the business. We help design and implement new cabling systems, replace old systems or can just add to the current infrastructure. Cabling infrastructure is the backbone of your information network. Our years of experience spans projects from new construction, old facilities or multi-level buildings. Our cabling solutions include:

  • Optical Fiber, Coax, Copper & Hybrid
  • Cat5, Cat 5E, Cat 6, Cat6A, Cat 7
  • Backbone, Horizontal & LAN Cabling
  • Data Centers & Patch Panels
  • MDF and IDF organization and cleanup


Our expert engineers design, build and implement networking solutions that reduce costs, improve ROI and increase competitiveness in the marketplace. Clear Winds’ engineers have extensive experience in assessing, designing, building and troubleshooting networks (LANs, WLANs and WANs) to fit a variety of applications and needs.


While the demand for affordable wireless networks is skyrocketing, many organizations are needing assistance in providing a robust and secure network. We’ll work alongside your team to provide consultation services, procure hardware and tailor your installation to your existing IP infrastructure and offer ongoing support. The proliferation of wireless Internet dependent devices as well as affordable broadband options are commanding that wireless be as reliable and fast as a wired connection. Many commercial and public environments, including office spaces, schools, warehouses and retail centers, are removing wired connections in exchange for robust, high speed wireless Internet. These demands are more difficult for internal IT departments that lack the expertise required to deploy a wireless network.


Clear Winds offers expertise in phone systems and services in both on premise and hosted voice over IP (VoIP) formats. If your needs require an on premise system, our engineers have years of experience in design, installation and support of phone systems. With high speed Internet and the ability to offer quality of service to each user, hosted phone services has become a popular choice offered by Clear Winds.


Clear Winds’ certified security experts create a line of defense against malware and hackers. Our expert engineers are well versed in enterprise-level security practices and procedures designed to protect your assets, data and intellectual property. We bring a broad-based, best-practices approach to your data security. We provide a variety of assessments to ensure that your current network stays up-to-date and mitigate intrusion and threats.

Computer Repair

As more and more students and staff are taking home mobile devices, accidental damage to devices is at an all-time high. Clear Winds provides free services for warranty and accidental device protection (ADP) coverages for Dell devices. These services are also available to other manufacturers for a small fee. Our expert technicians complete a full service repair and provide a verified quality check for each device.

We keep it simple by handling all aspects of the logistics and can even complete the repairs onsite. To contact us about this the button below.