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We provide the affordable IT services that make life easier and position your organization for success! Clear Winds has proudly supported the technology needs of K12 and Higher Ed IT leaders for 20+ years. Check out our Summer special services below and let's partner together today!

White Glove Device Service

  • Device Logo Laser Engraving
  • Asset Tagging
  • Google Admin Setup
  • Connecting Devices to Network
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Device Repair Service

Device Repair Services

  • Affordable & Expedited Repairs
  • Unlimited Incident Repair Plans
  • Repair Plans for Every Manufacturer
  • Dell ADP & Warranty Repair Work
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Professional IT Services

Summer Device Prep & Cleaning

  • Device Cleaning
  • Device Sanitizing
  • Device Repair
  • Device Quality Testing & Certifying
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White Glove "Quick Start" Device Service

Streamline your device setup and protect your investment!

If you’re incorporating new devices into your environment or would like deter theft by laser engraving your logo on your devices, this service is for you!
Clear Winds’ White Glove Service is a quick-start device setup service that simplifies the device purchase process. Our streamlined service saves you time and money and allows you to easily implement new devices in your environment no matter the quantity! Through this service, our team will:

  • Laser engrave your logo on your devices
  • Attach every asset tag
  • Connect the devices to your wireless network
  • Set up Good Admin on each device
  • Provide inventory spreadsheet
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Device Repair Services

Did you know: Our repair plans are consistently more affordable &/or include additional services?

Our work with leaders in education has shown us how much time, effort and resources are spent maintaining student devices. We have positioned our team to alleviate this burden on educators while providing affordable, excellent and consistent device services. Our repair team is certified to perform repair work on every major manufacturer. Additionally, our plans that can be added to your new or existing devices! Here are a few plan highlights:
  • Unlimited repair incidents with unlimited parts are included
  • Onsite pickup and delivery is included
  • Repair turnaround time is typically one week
  • Plans are available for every major manufacturer
  • Plans can be applied to new or existing devices
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We can perform your Dell ADP/Warranty Work and turn your ADP into a streamlined service!

Since we’re a certified Dell partner, we complete warranty and ADP repairs for free! When you work with us directly, we complete repairs faster & eliminate the time consuming boxing/shipping process. Our repair process turns your existing warranty or ADP plan into a free service that allows us to handle the entire repair process for you! Here are the top reasons schools use our service directly:
  1. Repairs are completed and returned faster (typically one week overall)
  2. Shipping and receiving delays are reduced
  3. Shipping and boxing labor is eliminated
It takes as little as two weeks to certify Clear Winds as your Dell ADP repair partner & make your life easier with our repair service! If your ADP/warranties have expired, you’d like a quote for our repair service plans or you’d like Clear Winds repair team to start performing your ADP repairs, then contact us through the form below!

Summer Device Prep & Cleaning

Prolong device lifetime and protect your students with a Summer device clean!

Chromebooks and laptops are considered “high-touch” objects that require regular cleaning and yearly disinfecting as basic maintenance for student devices. Clear Winds cleaning service prolongs the life of devices by removing fluid and stain residue that has accumulated after a semesters worth of use. This cleaning can prevent future damage as a result of unaddressed spills or accidents with fluid and debris. Our cleaning process includes:
  • Initial device cleaning with an alcohol based solution
  • Direct UVC lamp treatment with an approved UVC machine to inactivate viruses and bacterium
  • Device quality testing and certifying
  • Repairs may be completed if that option is selected as well!
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