Education Specials

Set Up Your Campus for Future Success

Clear Winds Technologies has proudly supported the technology needs of leaders in education for nearly 20 years! In addition to our traditional service offerings, we have positioned our team to provide the timeliest services to support the changing needs you and your students are experiencing. Here are just a few key services that may benefit your students:

Hot Spots​

Setting up wireless hotspots has proven to be another format teachers can use to engage their students while allowing social distancing. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for students who lacked sufficient internet access and relied on their campus Wi-Fi to engage in course requirements. We have worked with schools throughout the Southeast and implemented what we have found to be the most affordable and effective solution to implement.

We are able to quickly set up antennas that enable online learning in your own parking lots, green areas and virtually any outdoor open space where students are able to practice social distancing. Even teachers and other staff members have enjoyed the benefits and opportunities that have become a reality with enabling Wi-Fi on campus areas. Enabling hotspots has made additional teaching formats available as well! Check out this article written about one of our local schools:

We’re able to provide a baseline price depending on a location survey using an online map and your equipment preferences. Let’s start the conservation as soon as possible in order to ensure your campus is set up by the start of the semester.
Outdoor Wireless

Free Computer Repairs: Accidental Damage Protection (ADP)​

If you are already 1:1 or planning to go 1:1 on devices, a computer repair service is essential for your teams. It has been our experience that student devices consistently receive damage from normal day-to-day use. We have worked with 1:1 schools for years and understand the large amount of repairs that must take place with devices that were sent home with students. Through this service, we will come onsite to obtain, repair and return your devices. In most cases, this service is free depending on your warranty or protection plan. We provide two options:
  • Free device repair for any new or current Dell device with accidental damage or warranty plan
  • Free device repair for any new or current device with a purchased ADP plan from Clear Winds
Clear Winds ADP plan varies based on quantity. We can provide a quick estimate for you today by simply providing us with your device manufacturer and quantity.

Chromebooks, Laptops & Remote Devices​

Our Dell All-In Partnership and other vendor partnerships allow us to provide schools and campuses with the best prices on devices and equipment. We personally have a few models we recommend depending on your needs, however if you know the models you are considering please let us know as soon as possible so we can negotiate special pricing on your behalf with the manufacturers.

Mobile Device Management​

Clear Winds device monitoring solutions have been implemented on Windows, Linux & Apple devices. Our mobile device manage software costs an average monthly cost of $5.90 per device and provides:
  • Users with an easy way to contact you and allows you to resolves their issues remotely
  • An agent to monitor, remote control, alert and inventory your devices
  • An easy-to-use portal to manage all of your devices from one location
  • Offerings to push out your Window and Application patches and upgrades
  • A ticketing system that allows you or your user to open tickets and track issues they are having


Our partnerships allow us to provide manufacturer discounts on many different WAP brands. Clear Winds certified engineers can provide you with a predictive heat map of your location, make suggestions on the best locations and install with ease. Simply let us know the model and quantity you are considering so we can negotiate special pricing on your behalf with the manufacturers. If you’re unsure about which models are best for your environment, one of our expert engineers are happy to connect with you today.

White Glove Service​

Clear Winds White Glove Service is a quick device setup service that includes:
  • Attaching every asset tag
  • Connecting the devices to a wireless network
  • Setting up each device with Google Admin where necessary Cost varies depending upon the amount of devices. Let us know how many devices you are considering!

Device Sanitization Service​

Clear Winds will sanitize and clean every device according to CDC guidelines. No additional prep is necessary from you or your teams. Our techs will come onsite to handle all logistics in the sanitizing process. Cost varies depending upon the amount of devices to be sanitized.