Free Certified Repair of Student & Remote Devices: ADP – The Best Kept Secret

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Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) is undoubtedly one of the best-kept secrets in computer repair. Schools and organizations that keep a large inventory of mobile devices have found themselves in a similar situation: how do we keep our devices operating at peak performance when so many are exposed, vulnerable and returned daily for maintenance and repairs? On average, accidental damage occurs on nearly half of all devices sent home with students and staff. IT teams are utilizing critical staff and resources to meet these repair demands while projects that are more important are delayed.

As more and more students and staff are taking home their mobile devices, Chromebooks and Laptops, the amount of break fix issues are skyrocketing. Additionally, many schools are moving towards a One to One initiative and providing every student with a personal remote device. While the amount of devices increases alongside the greater freedom students and staff have with these devices, the costs and time spent towards repairs is growing astronomically. Many have turned to outsourcing computer repairs in bulk however, the logistical delays and contractual issues with multiple manufacturer warranties have some questioning if it’s worth it. Many also are not sure what devices are covered by warranty or ADP and how cost efficient/effective these add-ons may be in the long run.

As a 20+ year veteran in the IT industry and specialist in the education sector, I can tell you that ADP is a game changer. While logistical issues may be real, I have seen firsthand how quickly IT leaders have been able to refocus on greater tasks while a trusted IT provider is resolving their repairs. I would encourage anyone with a large amount of devices to begin a conversation about the benefits in freeing up their resources and allowing a certified partner to handle the repairs. My experience working with schools has shown me some of the greatest needs facing IT personnel and how to position services to provide the greatest benefit.

At Clear Winds Technologies, we have positioned our computer repair service to not just provide free service to repair broken Dell devices with a warranty or Dell devices covered under ADP, but also determine what devices may be covered and how to obtain ADP for those that aren’t! We have simplified our entire process down to five steps:

  1. Come onsite to obtain devices (or work onsite if preferred)
  2. Perform full diagnostics on each device
  3. Repair each device & complete verified quality check
  4. Sanitize each device (for an small fee)
  5. Return all devices to your site location

We’re hosting a webinar this Thursday, June 18th at 11:00 am CST & 2:00 pm CST to provide an overview of these entire services and answer any questions you may have. Click here to register. If you would like to get a free estimate, click the button below or call me directly at 205-473-1643! Join the hundreds of schools that have freed up their IT teams for more pressing tasks and rely upon Clear Winds certified computer repair center to repair their devices at no cost.

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