Remote Work: Is Your Company Ready for 2024 & Beyond?


Our work environment has changed rapidly the past few weeks due to the onset of the COVID-19 virus. As business owners have determined how best to respond, we have witnessed the interest and desire to work from home skyrocket. It’s understandable as working from home provides such benefits as; social distancing, monitoring your children, no travel time to the office, etc.

These advantages are an excellent response to the situation our nation faces; however, there are benefits of working onsite that must be addressed when considering this transition.

Remote Work Considerations:

Face-to-Face Discussions

Time in the office allows synergy, collaboration and the ability to interface and interact with co-workers. These elements working in tandem easily boosts productivity. There is software available today that allows you to seamlessly communicate and collaborate with each other no matter the distance.

Employee Monitoring

Many applications today allow monitoring in order to maintain accountability and effectiveness no matter the location of your employees.

Data Security

Maintaining data integrity and using cybersecurity resources for your company is paramount. Onsite offices typically have multiple measures and mechanisms in place to protect data.  This becomes increasingly difficult with remote employees. Encryption and malware protection is key for remote environments. To ensure a good work-from-home model, a proper setup for remote access is needed to ensure that the person can work effectively.

Also, it’s essential to create a support structure for these remote employees who will encounter eventually encounter technological issues. Without a helpdesk support structure, progress will easily be hampered. At Clear Winds, we specialize in each of these areas and are ready to assist you however we can. Please contact me directly at with any questions or if you’d like to speak with an engineer about setting up your office to work remotely.

Your IT Service Company for Remote Work and More

Clear Winds Technologies is an IT solutions company that helps organizations of all types achieve their goals through the use of technology.  Clear Winds’ services span assessing, designing, implementing and supporting systems and networks in addition to development of applications to enhance productivity. In addition to these services, Clear Winds also offers cloud computing, managed services, hosting and colocation services.  Please contact us at 205-473-1643 or

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