A Managed IT Services Must Have: Cybersecurity


In the digital age we live and work in today, workspace ransomware and other malicious attacks are a growing concern for most businesses. To counteract these attacks, businesses need to equip their employees with the latest innovations in IT security. Managed IT services must also include some aspect of cybersecurity in their offerings in order to appropriately protect managed IT service clients. Managed Service Providers (MSP) should work with their managed IT service customers to develop a structured and customizable security plan that adapts to your everyday business IT needs.

Cybersecurity and Intrusion Detection

One managed IT service that has become a popular option is a security system called Intrusion Detection System (IDS). IDS is a system that monitors network traffic for suspicious activity and will issue alerts when such activity detected. This type of IT security will run system checks to scan your business networks with an anomaly-based method to detect any malicious activity.

This anomaly-based method will detect unknown malware by using machine learning, it develops a trustful activity model and will flag any behavior outside of this trust-based model. Any suspicious activity that is flagged will be sent to a security operations center that will determine the best course of action, traditional anti-virus software uses the signature-based method which will only identify malware that is already known instead of identifying new malware activities.

Every organization’s IT service needs are different

Just like every business operates differently, their IT environments and networks are configured differently. It makes sense then that a managed IT service and cybersecurity model should also be customized accordingly. This ensures that a business’s IT service needs are met and a plan tailored specifically for their environment. One managed IT service may not meet every IT need that a business requires, therefore the need to develop a tailored plan with specific services is necessary.

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For example, a managed IT service client of Clear Winds Technologies has the option to tailor their managed IT service plan to include whichever IT services are needed for their organization to function efficiently and smoothly. Some organizations include the management of workstations, VoIP & phones and Cloud Backup, while others will add an additional layer of threat protection. Multiple managed IT service options can be pulled together to provide a better and multi angled approach to the issue (s) in question. IDS is one option in the wide range of managed IT services.

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