Managed IT Services for Healthcare Organizations


Managed IT Services for Healthcare Organizations

Clear Winds Technologies is the trusted managed IT service partner in healthcare and has been for 20+ years. Our goal is to provide every healthcare organization, no matter the size with secure, affordable, and reliable managed IT support.

Healthcare organizations do not have time to deal with IT headaches while caring for patients and staff. Clear Winds has the staff and skills necessary to provide healthcare organizations with exceptional managed IT services and IT support. Our reliable and affordable managed IT service keeps your environments always running efficiently but more importantly securely. At Clear Winds, we offer managed IT services, enhanced security measures, and cloud hosting/backup capabilities.

Clear Winds Managed IT Services

Our managed IT services include 24/7 IT support and unlimited IT support to keep your network and IT equipment running at an affordable rate.

Clear Winds Security

Our enhanced security measures include HIPAA guidance, cybersecurity & surveillance, free baseline assessments, and security assessments. We will provide and install cybersecurity & surveillance solutions to provide you with the guidance to secure your network & IT equipment to comply with HIPAA.

Clear Winds Cloud Hosting and Backup

Our reliable phone, email, & full on-site hosted services help to keep your environment operating smoothly & efficiently while saving you time and money. Additional to our hosted services, we provide backup, disaster recovery, and other customizable cloud solutions to ensure that your environment is meeting the needs of your patients and staff.

Clear Winds Technologies in Healthcare

Debbie Randall from Mayfair Internal Medicine said that “Clear Winds was recommended to us from Medconnect EMR in 2013 and we have been using them ever since! They have always been helpful and readily available. I’d rate them as excellent.” Need a managed IT service provider that has healthcare experience? Call Clear Winds today and join Debbie in receiving the best healthcare IT support possible.

Call us today to talk with an expert to learn how Clear Winds Technologies can help you and your patients! 205.986.4490


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