Sanitizing and Repairing Devices: A New Solution in 2021


Repairing Devices

If you have sent remote devices home with your students, you are among the thousands of IT leaders facing a similar dilemma: how to ensure the safety and quality of your devices for both students and staff for future usage. Students, parents and education leaders around the country hold the concerns about the implications of bacteria or virus residue on equipment. As you’re considering your team’s plan of action, it is important to remember that you are not alone.

Clear Winds Technologies has partnered with IT leaders throughout the nation to assist them in meeting the demands of their environments for years. Over the past few months, Clear Winds’ leadership has continually met with strategic partners and educational leaders to understand the most pressing technology needs. Our goal has been simple: empower students to continue their education pursuits without missing a beat amidst an ever-changing environment. We have adjusted our services to empower IT leaders every step of the way and will continue to serve by your side.

Repairing Devices and Sanitizing!

Prior to the start of each term, we have always repaired remote devices like Chromebooks, laptops and tablets however; we have modified our certified repair center to add disinfecting and sanitation services as well. We want to ensure your students receive the cleanest and highest quality in devices for future use. Our partnerships allow our fully certified repair center to complete warranty work for devices still under manufacturer warranties as well.

We will fully sanitize each device to ensure no bacteria or virus residue remains and provide a certified quality inspection warranty for all repair work. To simplify the process, we will handle all of the logistics to ensure your devices are delivered to our repair facility and returned to your location in a timely manner. Our partnerships allow us to provide new devices at a discounted rate as well for those looking at going 1:1 on remote devices for the future.

If you would like more details about this service or any other IT service for education, please contact me at 205-473-1643 or Join the hundreds of schools that rely upon Clear Winds for their IT needs!

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