Empowering Online Education: Set Up Your Campus for Future Success


Empowering Online Education

In light of the sudden and massive shift towards online education, we are continuing to brainstorm with IT leaders in education for online education solutions that empower remote learning not just for now, but also for the future. Our goal is the same as yours: enable students to receive a quality education no matter their environment.

We have found that many students relied heavily upon libraries and other campus areas because they lack sufficient internet access at home. As a result of the shift towards online education, many students have struggled to engage in class and submit assignments successfully. I have personally witnessed the bandwidth struggles with multiple children and family members working entirely at home. With many schools considering some type of online education or hybrid option for future semesters, these student problems are not going away anytime soon. We have worked with schools throughout the Southeast and implemented what we have found to be the most affordable and effective solution to implement.

Online Education Solutions

Our solution: bring the Wi-Fi to you. We are able to quickly set up antennas that enable online learning in your own parking lots, green areas and virtually any outdoor open space where students are able to practice social distancing. Even teachers and other staff members have enjoyed the benefits and opportunities that have become a reality with enabling Wi-Fi for online education on campus areas. Enabling hotspots has made additional teaching formats available as well! Check out this article written about one of our local schools: https://www.cbs42.com/news/local/bessemer-city-schools-installing-towers-to-provide-free-wifi-to-students/.

We’re confident in this solution’s ability to empower online education as we already seen results. I’d love to connect to see if this solution is a good fit for your campus or school as well! Additionally, we have many resources and IT services for education available. If you have any Chromebook orders, hardware needs or IT project needs, please contact me directly at craig@clearwinds.net or call my cell at 205-473-1643 to start a conversation. You can also schedule a conversation at your convenience through the button below.

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