The ABCs of EDR (Endpoint Detection and Recovery)


Over the years, the products we use and consume inevitably evolve.

Tap water had to be filtered.

The NFL put face masks on helmets.

Car manufacturers installed seatbelts.

Technology is no exception with these changes occurring even rapidly than in some of these other industries. With each new device, we have to put new protocols in place to protect our personal and company data from those who seek to use the information for ill gain. We all have the common goal of data security for business today. While antivirus software used to be the go-to method for preventing such cybersecurity attacks on businesses, most viruses and threats have evolved to a greater level of sophistication.

However, a more effective solution is becoming the standard.

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) solution is a tool that prevents intrusion, detects and responds to threats, and identifies malicious behavior. Endpoints include everything from laptops and mobile devices to workstations and servers. The more devices you have, the more endpoints and the more vulnerabilities your organization has.

To give some more context as to why EDR is one of the best cybersecurity solutions for organizations today, we have broken down EDR into its own set of ABCs. In this blog, we will be referring to Clear Winds Technologies (CWT) EDR solution as the best alternatives to antivirus software.

Artificial intelligence conducts the detection and response of your endpoints (i.e. mobile phones, computers, etc.) while also working to prevent future threats. This AI comes unique with the CWT EDR solution to help protect your business from a cybersecurity attack.

Behavior analysis looks at patterns and situations and then determines in real-time the presence of any current attacks. Often, the EDR solution isolates an unknown threat based on its abnormal behavior. The EDR will then isolate or “sandbox” the cybersecurity threat to keep it from corrupting the rest of the system. This is a vital step in defending your business from a cyberattack.

Consistent removal of these cybersecurity threats will allow your company to both contain your data in an impenetrable fortress and focus on the things that matter most: protecting your organization’s data.

AV software can do some of these actions to an extent, but most AV software needs predefined information to compare the threats. So if your AV software encounters a threat or virus it has never seen before, the AV may not recognize it as an attack on your system lingering much longer and corrupting more data. This fact alone is paving the way for businesses to consider EDR as the answer for cybersecurity needs in business today.

Many cybersecurity insurance organizations are beginning to require EDR for insurance purposes. As a business owner, you want to stay ahead of your competition while protecting your organization’s data. What better way to jump ahead of the curb than by looking into and implementing the benefits of EDR? That way, you can rest assured knowing your customer information and product details are safe while focusing your efforts on taking bigger strides with your company goals.

Clear Winds Technologies is an IT solutions group that provides 24/7/365 support for all things IT in business. We specialize in providing cybersecurity support for organizations today. Clear Winds’s cybersecurity solutions range from remediation for cyberattacks to designing your business infrastructure to better protect against threats. In addition to software solutions like Clear Winds’s EDR solutions for business, they also provide network assessments and vulnerability/penetration tests.

If you would like to have a conversation about CWT’s EDR solution or any cybersecurity support for business needs, please contact us at or by phone at (205) 986-4490.

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